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Background Checks and Verifications

Effective Date: September 2008
Last Update: August 2013
Responsible University Officer:
  • Vice President for Human Resources
Policy Owner:
  • Associate Director - Job Center
Policy Contact:

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This policy establishes a process for conducting background checks and verifications consistently and fairly. Background checks and verifications are used to evaluate individuals’ eligibility to be engaged in certain work by the University on a case-by-case basis.

Background Checks

Standard background checks (as defined in appendix Background Check and Verification Packages) are required for:

  • Individuals being offered employment in, or being transferred or reassigned to, non-student positions;
  • Individuals being assigned duties where checks are legally or contractually required or can be justified by a legitimate business need; and
  • Individuals, including non-employees, being engaged by the University encompassing work with minors (see administrative policy Safety of Minors),

Senior leaders and other high-level leader positions (as defined in appendix Senior and Other High-Level Leader Positions for Background Checks and Verifications) as well as members of the University of Minnesota Police Department will be subject to more extensive background checks, whether triggered by an employment offer, a transfer, or a reassignment into one of these positions.

Individuals who completed a background check at the University with satisfactory results within the last twelve months will not be required to undergo another background check unless the new position or newly-assigned duties indicate different checks or verifications than originally conducted.

Offers of employment, transfers, and reassignments and assignment of duties are contingent upon completion of background checks and specified verifications with satisfactory results. Accordingly, units must plan and submit background check and verifications requests before employment or assignments occur.

Verifications of Credentials

Individuals, who are being offered employment transfer, or reassignment to a position where the assigned work requires certain educational, employment, and licensing credentials, must have their credentials verified. Units are responsible for ensuring that continued licensures are tracked and demonstrated.

Results Review

Departments are responsible for initiating background checks and verifications through the Office of Human Resources and incur the costs. Based on the information obtained through the criminal background checks, OHR staff will advise units as to whether individuals are eligible for hire.


This policy supports Board of Regents Policy: Employee Recruitment and Retention and provides business processes for Board of Regents Policy: Safety of Minors. It furthers important University efforts to provide a safe and secure environment for all University students, employees, and visitors to protect its funds, property, and other assets. Therefore, the University provides this formal process of background checks and verifications (1) to minimize institutional risk, (2) to comply with federal and state regulations that require it for specified positions, and (3) to help responsible hiring authorities make sound hires.



See also appendix: A Summary of Your Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.




General Information or Procedural Assistance
  • Primary: OHR Program Lead
  • Secondary: OHR, AHC or UMD – Human Resources Employment Consultants
  • 612-626-9460
  • Refer to Directory
Document Processing
  • HRMS Key Contact
  • Office of Human Resources Call Center


Student Positions
Positions that are non-academic student positions (2xxx job classification series); undergraduate academic teaching and research assistant positions (job codes 9512, 9513, 9522, and 9523); and graduate assistant positions (job codes 9510, 9511, 9515, 9517, 9518, 9519, 9521, 9526, 9527, 9528, 9529, 9531, 9532, 9533, 9571, 9572, 9573 9574, and 9575).
Other High-Level Leaders
For purposes of this policy, refer to Appendix: Listing of Senior and Other High-Level Leader Positions for Background Checks and Verifications.
Senior Leaders
Individuals specified as senior leaders in Board of Regents Policy: Reservation and Delegation of Authority. For purposes of this policy, refer to Appendix: Listing of Senior and Other High-Level Leader Positions for Background Checks and Verifications.


Hiring Authority/Department

Identify and communicate about circumstances where legal, contractual or legitimate business needs justify conducting background checks and verifications; ensure continued licensures are tracked and demonstrated where necessary; identify selected applicants and employees and facilitate the exchange of information with them to conduct background checks and verifications; and hold responsibility for costs of background checks and verifications in their department.

OHR, AHC, or UMD-HR Employment Team

Advise hiring authorities/departments about circumstances where legal, contractual, or legitimate business needs justify conducting background checks and verifications; ensure postings include appropriate information about background check requirement; and conduct individualized assessment of background check and verification results.;



June 2013 - Comprehensive Review. This revision creates a consistent system-wide requirement of background checks on all individuals being offered employment in, or being transferred or reassigned to, non-student positions. Checks will also be conducted for individuals, including volunteers, who are involved in work with minors, or where background checks are legally or contractually required.
October 2012 - Senior leaders and other high-level leaders replaced the term, senior administrator. The classification job codes and titles assigned to each of these new terms are found in the Appendix: Senior and Other High-Level Positions Requiring Background Checks.
January 2009 - Edits made and language clarified in the policy statement. Administrative unit was added under the Definition section.
September 2008
August 2008 - The Pre-employment Background Verification Program has been in place since March 2006 and has now been formalized in this administrative policy.

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