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Smoke-Free Indoor Air

Effective Date: April 1998
Last Update: July 2011
Responsible University Officer:
  • Vice President for University Services
Policy Owner:
  • Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Policy Contact:
CONSULTED WITH: Faculty Senate

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Smoking is prohibited in all facilities owned or leased by the University of Minnesota. Smoking is also prohibited within 25 feet of the exterior entrances to University owned facilities or facilities fully leased to the University.


Smoking will be permitted in University facilities in these situations:

  • Peer Reviewed, approved scientific studies related to the health effects of smoking, sanctioned and formally approved by the University.
  • Theatrical production approved by the University and where actors and actresses are permitted to smoke as part of the theatrical performance. Notice of smoking in a performance must be given to patrons in advance and will be included in the performance programs.


To implement the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act. To implement the commitments of Board of Regents Policy: Health and Safety. The protection of the health and safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors is a primary responsibility of the Regents of the University of Minnesota.

Smoking is widely recognized as the single most important cause of preventable human disease, including lung cancer, heart disease, and emphysema. Also recognized is the fact that breathing second-hand smoke can cause the same health problems in non-smokers. This policy is implemented to protect employees, students, and visitors to the University community from the hazards of second-hand smoke and to protect the rights of the non-smoking community to breathe smoke-free air.


There are no procedures associated with this policy.


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There is no FAQ associated with this policy.


Primary Contact
FM Customer Service Call Center
Where Can I Smoke?
Your supervisor
Smoking Cessation Information
Morris: Health Services
Reporting Smoking Violations
Your supervisor
Confidential Reporting: EthicsPoint



Any enclosed area of a structure, or portion therefore, and which structure is owned and/or being occupied or operated by the University. This is intended to include University owned and operated vehicles, and outdoor group seating facilities. This definition includes all areas within the residence halls.
Outdoor group seating facilities
Any outdoor seating arrangement whereby people sit in close proximity (shoulder-to-shoulder to one another).
Residence Hall
Any structure designated by the University as a residence hall. The smoke-free indoor air policy will apply to all areas within the residence halls and within 25 feet of residence hall building entrances.
Scientific study
Peer reviewed scientific study related to the health effects of smoking, sanctioned and formally approved by the University.
The inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying a lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, or other lighted smoking product. The burning of any type of lighted pipe, cigar, cigarette, or any other smoking equipment or device, whether filled with tobacco or any other type of material. This definition includes use of devices that mimic smoking, such as e-cigarettes or electronic vaping devices.
Theatrical Production
Theatrical performance sanctioned and approved by the University.


Effective implementation of this policy depends upon all members of the University community to observe this smoking policy; to monitor adherence to it at their level of involvement in the University community, and carry out their responsibility to inform all employees in their charge and all newly hired employees of this policy.

Chancellors, Deans, Administrators, and Supervisors
As leaders and role models, the chancellors, deans, administrators, and supervisors are expected to communicate, influence and guide the University community and the implementation of and compliance with this policy.
Support and assist employees and students who wish to stop smoking by providing referrals to smoke cessation programs.
Department of Environmental Health and Safety
Review, respond to and resolve questions and complaints forwarded by FM Call Center regarding indoor air quality, concerns or requests for clarification, and advice regarding this policy.
Facilities Management
Review customer complaints received; investigate to ensure appropriate signage is in place and that smoking urns are appropriately placed 25 feet from building entrances. Notify DEHS regarding indoor air concerns.



July 2011 - Comprehensive Review; Main contact for policy questions is now the FM Call Center. Added reference to Board of Regents Policy: Health and Safety and Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act; added definitions; added exception provisions; clarified roles and responsibilities.
October 2004 - Eliminated smoking from all resident rooms and from within 25 feet of all building entrances. Smoking used to be allowed in designated resident rooms.
April 1998
Twin Cities Campus Assembly's Twin Cities Campus Smoke-Free Policy, June 1993 and Smoke Free Indoor Air Policy, August 1993.

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