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Applying for the Procurement Card

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Cardholder Information

  • Employee must obtain approval from the Department Card Administrator prior to taking training.
  • Must complete the online training course and complete the Card Applicant Information section of the PCard application, which is available once the online training course is completed.
  • Read Cardholder Agreement section of the PCard application and sign and date the application.
  • Obtain signed approval from a dean, department head, or designee.
  • Once signed, the PCard application should be sent to the Department Card Administrator.

Department Card Administrator (DCA) Information

  • Provide DCA contact information.
  • Provide US Bank Access Online Division and Department reporting for card applicant. Division and Department values can be found on the Department Card Administrator list.
  • Provide Billing Address for card applicant. If all cards for a Z Dept ID are to be delivered to the DCA, please provide the appropriate billing address and check the "Standard Address" box.
  • Designate proxy roles (reconciler, approver, and if necessary certified approver) to be set up for the cardholder. Any employee assigned a proxy role must have EFS access for that role.
  • Designate a non sponsored default ChartField string. This cannot be a sponsored ChartField string.
    • Note: The procurement card ChartField must be established in the financial system before card is distributed.
  • Sign the application.
  • Obtain signed approval from the RRC Manager. If required by the unit, obtain signed approval from the Cluster Director. Scan application as a PDF and email the form to the Procurement Card Office Program Administrator at

Procurement Card Office

  • Program Administrator will review and verify:
    • Cardholder employment status
    • Cardholder has completed online training course
    • Valid ChartField string
  • The application will be processed within five business days.
  • Card will be issued within five to ten business days.
  • Email notification that card has been ordered will be sent to the Cardholder and Department Card Administrator (DCA) from the PCard Office.

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