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Blocked Vendor Types

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The following vendor types are a standard block on procurement cards. If there is a need for incurring an expense at any of the merchant types below, (excluding lodging) and the funding source for the University account is appropriate, a request may be submitted to the Program Administrator to open the merchant. Please submit a written (e-mail) request from a Dean, Department Head or Designee.

Bail, Bonds, and Payments
Betting including: Lottery Tickets, Gaming Casino Chips, Off-Track Betting and Wagers at Race Tracks
Billiard and Pool Establishments
Cruise Lines/Steamships
Dating and Escort Services

Financial Institutions including ATM machines
Food Stamps
Foreign Currency, Travelers Checks

Hotels, Motels
Massage Parlors
Money Orders- Wire Transfer
Package Stores- (Beer, Wine, and Liquor stores)
Time Shares

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